Tuesday Love ~ New Friends!!!

Hey Guys!!!!!!

So I am still celebrating the milestones on my blog so my high spirits are still high in the clouds, today started like any other day so full of promise. 

My 9-5 job dragged on like there is no tomorrow, instead of getting a lift I opted for a bus ride home so I could run by the shops then head home. For some reason I felt like just going into this little shop (sandwich bar), I went in a few minutes before closing and I made a friend out of the owner. We chatted up a storm and it just got me thinking, though meeting people online is nice, easy and convenient I almost forgot how it felt like to just bump into someone on the street and start talking and before you know it you have a lot in common and before you realise you are friends. I miss the old ways of making friends but I will not discount meeting people online all together because I met my partner of 6 years online and that’s the best thing that ever happened to me.
Moral of the story: Don’t only live your life online, there is a world out there waiting for a person like you don’t deny it that pleasure. 
So to just end my wonder and relaxing day I thought I buy a sandwich from my new friend he wipped up a chicken salad s/wich with  cucumbers and some leaves. To help the digestion along he recommended firefly natural drinks in Bramley Apple & Ginger flavour <--- cooked up a nice storm in me.

Thank you for reading my blog, comment and subscribe —->
xoxo Myrabev


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