• Wordless Wednesday ~ #NL Roam Brand

    Hey guys!!! Happy Wednesday!!! So again I am participating in the wordless Wednesday and I love just having to post pictures.

    I went to the  next blogger network event on Monday and I had so much far, I will post the blog on it soon. 
    For my wordless Wednesday, I am posting mostly the accessories that I got from New Look and I hear you I know am crazy addicted to #NL accessories but can you blame me I just love New Look accessories. 

    The owl just blew me away, this accessory can go with anything I think. 

    I have never heard, of ROAM accessories and I mean I have been buying New Look accessories for years and never once did I look at the name. 

    The Ring is amazing!!!

    The Eagle and NOW the Owl!!! Hoooh

    What do you guys think about my accessories? And do you ever buy New Look accessories???

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