Count Down #27 Days till x-mas: His/Her Present(s)

Hello my lovelies!!! Welcome back to my xmas countdown series, today’s topic is buying presents for him/her. Before I get down to business, please take a moment to check out this store Joy by clicking my personalised link HERE (). Thank you, I appreciate it very much.

How do you got about buying your partner’s present for Christmas? I for one struggle because he has everything and says I am enough and present enough for him, as sweet as that is I want to really get him something this year more than just a card and a meal. See below how I went about getting my partner a present(s) for Christmas.

* Replaced – my partner has these shorts that his had longer than our relationship and when I say the are ratchet I mean Ratchet with capital R. So a couple months back I threatened to throw them away and he said only throw if they have a replacement. This is how I bought the present, I LISTENED!!!

* Improved – my partner has this really annoying car phone holder which rattles all the time and drives us both insane so I got one that won’t rattle bad has extra perks for him. I OBSERVED.

* Remind – my partner and I have been together 6 years but that has not made us complaisant instead it’s shown us both we belong together, I got him a card that will remind him of my feelings as I may not probably show them all the time. I APPRECIATED. 

* Care – my partner is a triplet so you could say he comes as a package so I bought his mum and brothers some presents to show them they are my family as well and I love them dearly. I CARE. 

Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate it dearly. Please comment as I love hearing from you all.

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