Count Down #28 Days till x-mas: Parties – My Look!!

***All the times here are from New Look***

Hello Guys&Dolls!!!

Have Thursday, which means one more day till Friday. So welcome back to my xmas countdown series, today I thought I touch on the parties. I am sure your invites are flowing through the post for you to attend xmas parties either at work or friends, families etc and if you like me you feel like you don’t have time to figure out what to wear.
I have less than 6 days to find a dress to wear to my first Christmas party of the year and I was reading Gok wan’s tips in the sainsbury’s magazine and I got inspired. My look is simple but elegant and fit for red carpet (my red carpet). Let me know what you think!!! 
***Dress – £24.99***
***Shoes- £19.99***
***Earrings – £4.99 – £5.99***

***Stick on nails – £3.99**

Thanks for reading my blog, check out new look website for more options. Please comment below if you like my party 5- minute fix up!!!