Count Down #29 Days till x-mas: Gift Ideas

Hello my lovelies!! Happy Wednesday! I am so happy you can join me as I continue with the xmas countdown. Day #29 ALREADY??? Where does the time got? 
So today’s post is a short post of gift ideas/guides. My top six tips are -:
1. Write a list – I like to write down named of people I will be buying presents for if at all, usually I only buy for my family but occasionally i do get for my mates too. 
2. Know your budget – there is nothing worse that having a list of people who you going to get presents for and find you can’t afford to buy them a present because you have run outta funds so either stick to your budget or go find cheaper alternatives of your presents. 
3. Start early – yes I know many people say that but I agree because if you thinking of buying someone something that’s very popular at that time grab it early because again disappointment will follow you if you do get what you think your family/friend/partner etc will like. 
4. Check for hints – if you anything like me you probably throw hints all the time about stuff you like and want, so watch for those in people you getting present for. 
5. Avoid – avoiding the xmas big hughe red sweater for a present unless you know that that person is into those otherwise no and no. 
6. Don’t – don’t expect anything in return when you buy someone a present apart from thank you. We need to get into the spirit of giving NOT the spiriting of giving only IF you get one too. 
So these are my top 6 tips and guided to buying gifts. I hope they help in your search for that someone’s present. 


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