• Count Down #30 Days till x-mas: Wishlist – Red Dresses

    Hello my lovelies!!Happy Tuesday!!!

    So today on my countdown to xmas I started to think about what I will wear to the xmas parties leading up to the special day itself and since I am still in broke student land I figured my most trusted friend EBay can sort me out believe you me it can. Apart from sending my head in a wilrlwind I finally managed to come down to 4/5 dresses I can wear to the 3/4 parties I have invites for.
    Option 1: £8.99
    This little shoulder less number has to fight off other competitors to be picked as one of them dresses I will wear to the 2nd xmas party. I love the look of the dress the simple ness of it, I can play around with some simple but extravagant accessories new look has afforded me.

      Option 2:  £12.49
    This figure hugging but tummy hiding dress will be worn to the first party as I am still working on the beer belly, couple more gym visits and healthier eating habits I am picking up and I will be good to go. I will confess its beautiful dress but I love it mainly for the comfort it gives me by hiding the beer belly.
    Option 3: £10.50
    I am undecided on this dress, love it to bits but not sure if it will cover the beer belly but who will bother looking at my beer belly when my ample cleavage will have a show of its own? Huh! Huh! Lol this sounded much better in my head.
    Options 4/5: Both £9.90
    oh mama were do I look? These little beauties can both be worn on the day itself, every xmas for the last 5/6 years has been split. I spend xmas eve , xmas morning and lunch with parents then I spend xmas night with my man. So ladies which one would you think would knock his socks off? I mean I like them both so can’t really say.
    So this is one of my many Wishlist for this year to be bought/ or greatly received before xmas day, 30 more days people and we home free.  What’s your dress xmas Wishlist like? What you think of mine? 


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