Count Down #31 Days till x-mas: Cards

Hello there my lovelies!! I trust you had a good weekend and I eager to start this new week, happy Monday y’all. My morning routine involved logging into my blogger and bloglovin accounts and checking out various blogs and one thing that have seen his the increased number of Xmas seasonal posts. I started to wonder what have I done to prepare for Christmas? I ashamedly confess NOTHING, I just never bothered previously. I mean I would buy my parents, my siblings and my partner cards but usually that’s it no more now I feel I should start doing more because before the excuses were I was at use broke and never had the time now I work and sometimes I am free so I should at least make an effort. I convinced myself to think of it as practice for when G and I move in together next year.

So to prepare myself for xmas I went I bought a stack of xmas cards, I know most of my friends are far away and won’t receive the card if I sent it today I thought e-cards could do the trick. So today after gym class I am planning on writing down everyone I know and are within posting distance, then it will write another list for everyone too far away to receive a paper card.

Thank you for stopping by, so what have you done so far to prepare for the festive season? Are your cards and pressies done yet? Has the festive spirit found you yet? Let me know below in my comments.


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