Mini Haul & Wish List ~ H&M

So it’s already then 2nd weekend in November, time really does fly when you having fun. I hope everyone reading this post is having an amazing day and a good November so far.

Today’s post is quick and simple, the last 2 weekends I visited H&M as y’all know I love me some H&M and New Look. Obviously I couldn’t just go in and come out empty when the sale they had was on fire. Some of you may have read my primark winter coat review if not check it out, I decided to get oneself another winter coat but this time from H&M this jacket is just so pretty and so warm, I tested it out yesterday and yep it passed the test. Yesterday was cold, rainy and miserable but this jacket manage to cater for all those different situations so here am giving H&M a five star and a huge thank you. 

My second buy in H&M was this gorgeous dress, it’s a summer dress but with some warm tights and a little cardigan I think it can pass for winter wear and that’s exactly how I wore it on Tuesday. Sadly like most summer dresses it’s see through but I have a gorgeous slip from Matalan so that was a given. 

To complete my mini haul I got some beautiful leather like boots, these are ankle length and they are heeled. At first I was a little bit on the worried side since I choose size 6.5 but I had nothing to worry about they fit like a glove and they are so comfortable to walk in plus they were on sale(bonus). 

 Whilst in H&M I saw a couple of these that I instantly fell in love with but my wallet didn’t so I have put them in my wish list basket online( anyone want to do Xmas wish lift swap?) lol

I just love this green bag I mean ain’t it just the prettiest? 

These three office looks I just want I am loving skirts more now that its winter than I did when it was summer (am weird I know) but I am just feeling them with the right tights I am good to go. The trouser outfit is something I always wear to work anyway but would not mind this one either.

 To close off my wish list I thought these high heeled boots would do the trick, dont you just love them? I know they look scary walking in them but damn I want them.

Anyway that’s all I had for you folks, as always thanks for reading, commenting and your support. I really really do appreciate it. 

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