Friday Thanks!!!!

What are you thankful for?
Hey guys! Happy 1st November 2013!!! I can not believe we in November already, I am sat here just thinking of how many things I am grateful for. I am 26 years old just passed the half mark to 50 and it’s pretty scary, I am young but that does not stop me from being scared of the future but my trust in God thankfully is what is keeping my fears at bay. Since I can’t write every thing i am grateful for since the day I was born I thought I try for this just gone month.

October the first 2013 started with so much promise it hurt, firstly day 1 was my papa’s birthday so I am thankful for that my dad hit 50 half way to a 100. As the week went on 
I had meeting within my boss and that was AMAZINGLY GOOD then a lot of other things just started to fall into place. One thing that has suffered which I am ashamed to even say –> is church and how frequent I grace my lord in his home. I mean I pray every night and grateful everyday that I am alive but until mid October when I attended the service in the Westminster Abbey in London I have not set foot in the house of The Lord since end of August in Perth Scotland youth weekend. The worst of it, was I even forgot thanks giving day I was mortified and I am truly sorry to my lord.

The other day I was speaking to my colleague who I grab a lift to work with and we were talking about jobs, redundancies etc and she mentioned how she started working for this company and how this job was so perfect for her that she was sad when she was made redundant after one month plus side she was given 4 months salary as going away package. I started to think, firstly I was sorry for her but then secondly it hit me The Lord did this for me I mean without her I would really be struggling right now since I don’t drive YET. I would have been stuck and just given up my job without her, in some elaborate way I believe The Lord made this possible so in a weird way The Lord made sure down the road I would be catered for. I know it sounds silly and far fetched but I believe it. 

The Lord has done so much for me and my family, I have parents who love me and my siblings so dearly and we love them too. I have siblings who though annoy me are the best and to top it off I have the most beautiful and sweetest nephew ever. The Lord did not stop there he gave me a man who would go to the ends of the earth for me, he has cared for me since the day we met and 6 years on his still the same loving, caring and gentleman to ever walk this planet. I am very grateful for what The Lord has done for me and I will be forever grateful.
I am thankful for my friends both new and old, I am blessed because I make friends easily and I don’t discriminate. What I mean is regardless of that persons age I will still make friends with them if they want. I respect my elders but I also respect my juniors, I believe that respect goes a long way on this our planet and I utilise it just like my mama taught me.

Finally I am thankful for being alive, having food every day on my table, breathing the air I breath, I have a wonderful job and I get to see The Lord’s plan for my life daily.
Thanks for reading my blog, share with me what your thankful for. I was taught that even in sorrow you can always look for that something you can be thankful for.


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