Monthly Favourites part 2 ~ Hair

Hey my lovelies!! Welcome to my second part of monthly favourites, for the last couple of months I have been loving these three hair products for my natural hair.

I made the decision to go natural over 5 months ago now and sometimes I wake up and regret that decision but then I remind myself of why I should be embracing my natural curls.
hairpieces for thinning hair

1. Vosene Shampoo&Conditiner 2in1

I had never heard of this brand before using it, I have used a lot of big brand shampoos with my then treated hair and they all but disappointed me in that I still didn’t get the protection advertised. Vosene is not too commonly know but I love how it makes my scalp and my hair feel. Since I started using it my natural hair lots more health and slowly it’s starting to come into its own, so I would go as far as recommending this 2in1 product to anyone looking for a new shampoo and conditioner.

2. Olive miracle anti-breakage hair spray

This hair spray is Aaaamazing I mean amazing I borrowed it permanently from my little sister it’s great for weave but I found t works wonders on my natural hair as well it gives my hair the shine and bounce that it used to miss. This is one I would recommend as well. Have you ever used it?


3. Hollywood Dream – Hair Spray
This spray is good on EVERYTHING but that I mean hair either treated or natural, braids or weave even wigs so this is a product to have. It smells good, the scent reminds me of y childhood. It does not leave you scalp dry not even your hair be it weave/wig or natural. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Have you ever tried any of these products before? Let me know.



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