• My Weekend So Far – Disaster

    Hey my lovelies!!
    I am sure by now you may have seen my e-mails, Twits, Facebook messages and even Instagram stating my blog URL has now changed. If you still have Myrabev then please move over and let me change it for you to PurelyByAccident.

    The decision to change the blog URL was not taken lightly but was taken without consulting my fellow bloggers or my IT savy geek friends so now that I have done it I just have to move forward with my decision. My blog has been called PurelyByAccident for over 2 months now and ever since I thought of this name I always wanted to change my URL (I should have but was scared of the unknown) which now has been confirmed has been loss of comments and Bloglovin followers.

    I will not lie to you my readers and fellow blogger, me losing comments on my blog has knocked me back quite it a lot and not in a good way. I just want to cry because I do not know how to retrieve the comments, some of the comments were quite personal and most touched me dearly as I made new friends via those comments. I know it sounds pathetic to some but to me its quite painful.

    If you are a new reader, fellow blogger, subscriber please use the links below or on my side bar to follow me on all my plat-foams. Do not forget to comment, I read all my comments and reply within 24hrs.



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