Lacoste Gft Set ~ A Touch of Pink: Review

Hey guys! Most of you would had seen this present on my Instagram already but as I mentioned in my YouTube video I was gonna do a review on this gift set.

My partner got this for me as a pre-graduation present and obviously I am very grateful. 

This is a really good present, but only as a girl if you are below size 7 and above size 5. The gift box contains slippers, perfume, body lotion, shower gel, head cover, finger and toe separator and two nail filers. 

1. Slipper – These are very nice comfy and light, that’s all I can say.
2. Perfume – This smells sweet and colourful, and it stays on for 24hours. 
3. Body Shower and Lotion – I have not used these yet but they smell great.
4. Head band, nail filer and finger/toe separator – still not used these. These are essential items and should be in every girls bag. 
This is a really good gift set for girl firends, fiancées, wives etc. 

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