Primark Winter Coat ~ Review

Hey guys!!!

Hope y’all are doing great, the weather is changing or shall I say has changed its colder and it’s getting darker earlier so it’s safe to safe summer is officially over. 
So y’all know how much I love a bargain and will know its hard for me to part with my money unless whatever I want to get is really worth it then I will spend. An example, in 2009 I bought a wonder bra for £25 I still have that bra 4 years on in good condition I remember telling my friends that since I spent £25 I better wear this bra for 25 years (now y’all understand when I say I hate parting with my money).
So anyway back to the matter at hand, over a week ago I went to primark in Luton. I needed to buy me a winter jacket because I had left my own at home and only hard a boy friend blazer and with this weather I needed something warm.
Primark is usually my number one stop after I browse New Look and H&M, I found a winter coat for £18 and I was already complaining because primark has gone and become expensive but I needed this jacket so I bought it. I remember when I arrived home my partner saying that will rip in two days and I was like its £18 for primark that’s expensive so I trust this jacket will last me a while (I hear ya I was fooling myself). 
By day 6 this my winter coat has started to fall apart and I am mythed like crazy I mean primark is my exactly next and I wouldn’t usually associate it with quality but I would have thought anything above £10 should carry some level of quality at least it should last me 3 months not 6 days. 
I love the coat but I am very disappointed in how quickly it is falling apart. What has been your experience with primark coats (if at all)? 
I will stick to other shops for winter coats from now on and summer things primark will still be in the list. 
Thanks for ready my blog, as always it’s so nice of you an it’s greatly appreciated.

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