Two-Faced ~ Saturday Night!!!

***Warning Photo Heavy Post***

The Halloween spirit seemed to have peaked Saturday night in Cowley Oxford. My work colleagues and I with our partners we went out Saturday night for a simple Halloween get together/touch of witchy-ness to our outfits. I don’t think we all pulled that one off but I think of of us did can you guess which one??? 

The night started with us visiting Magdelene Arms pub then walked to Coco’s pub/café. After we ate @coco we took a cab to some pub/club which was really boring (told the truth shaming the devil), we left 5 minutes after that and found another club/pub which was electrifying the energy and the buzz was amazing but no room to breath either.

 Ever since I finished uni I don’t feel the need to club that often (even at all) instead I will frequent a pub have a meal and hit the hay but Saturday night was really fun and brought back those uni days back. Do you ever feel like that or am I just the weird one?

I am not a Halloween person but I will admit I enjoyed myself with my friends and our partners drinking, eating(lots) and the social aspects of it. It’s a night to remember and a great start to November.

Thanks for reading my blog, always appreciated greatly and humbled always. 

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