Weekend Recap

Hey guys!!!

I know I know it’s Tuesday already but I just had to do my weekend recap as I took Sunday off from blogging and though felt weird it was actually relaxing, so down to business now. 
Due to family tragic I was given Friday off from work but I just felt so stressed out and I don’t do depression so I went to the gym on my way to my parents. I worked up a painful sweat and then headed home. 
Saturday I spent all day in the house with my sis and parents watching everything and anything well obviously I had the remote so that was a given. I managed to catch up on some blog hops, visited some blogs which made my day and just chilled. 
Sunday was the D-day we were woken up (as always) by mother dearest, we had left Cambridgeshire by 8:30am and we were making our way to Wigan for my  nephew’s first birthday. It was a very very long drive but a very very worth it drive. I have not seen my nephew since his christening so this was huge for me. His soooo cute and adorable and just so intelligent for his age. 
It’s always great when you can have all your immediate family members in one place. I can honestly say this was the first  time since my nephew’s christening that we (by that I mean my parents my siblings and me) have been together in the same room. I felt very blessed and a little jealous of my own brother for he has what some of us only dream of. 

Thanks for reading my blog, as always it’s really appreciated and please note I love comments and I reply to all.  

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