Wordless Thursday ~ oops

Hey guys!!! I know it’s usually called wordless Wednesday but I had an all day meeting yesterday so I didn’t have the time to do a post. This week has just been so busy that I hardly have any time to do anything, anyway my graduation is coming up this Monday 18th November 2013 I can’t believe the date is so near 4 years of hard work sweat and tears is finally coming to a close (well I finished and passed my exams in June but graduation ceremonies are done in November). I am so excited that I have been playing with a lot of outfit ideas and one of my fav is an outfit from H&M, y’all know my love for H&M so it’s no surprise am choosing my outfit from there. 

So I am thinking of wearing a plain and simple long black dress and some not too high but not too shabby heels either, the ceremony is @7pm so before then I am going out for a meal and I was thinking of wearing some jeans, boots and plaid. What you guys think of my supposed outfits? 


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