Bullying is WRONG regardless of your reasons!!!!

Hello my lovlies! Today I am writing about something that is close to my heart, for the last 2 weeks I have been seeing a lot of bloggers (USA bloggers especially) writing about either being bullied online as a blogger or knowing someone who is being bullied. Bullying is wrong and its just despicable thing that one can go through, it took me a while to understand that bully in any form is wrong regardless of the reason. When my brother and I were kids I became firstly the bullied by my school friends and then the bully when my brother started school. In Zambia back in the day we used to fight for desks and chairs and when my brother started school he was so shy and he never really spoke much except to me and my family so I made it my mission to ensure 1. No one and I mean no one ever bullied him or ever stole from him. Every morning I would go and find a desk and chair for me but by the time it was lunch time someone would have kicked him off and he would be sitting on the floor that really p****d me off so bad that I resorted to threatening the little kids and telling them I would knock there front teeth out if they ever stole from my brother.

I think for two whole years I bullied kids in the name of defending my brother, I didnt like threatening anybody but I am didnt like seeing my brother cry because someone hit him or stole from him or told him nasty things and we all know kids at the play ground can sometimes be quite nasty and mean to there friends. When our parents split for a little while I realised I didnt have time to be bullying these kids I just wanted my parents to be together and I assigned my self to be there fixer and my siblings protector this was not easy for a 10-11yr old but God helped me and all is well.
* I have learnt over the years that bullies are just scared people who are hiding behind this shield to seem unaffected by things happening in their lives.
* some bullies its psycological, others they are just pure evil but saying that I know we are not all born evil or good we learn to be either evil or good by the influence we are faced with and the strenght of our free will.
*** For those who are being bullied, please firstly if you can block those people, report them and make the decision to be unaffected by their taunts be happy and remember we save a mighty God who would never let you go throw something that he does not believe you can handle, all you have to do is “take it to the lord in prayer”

*** Surround yourself with people who love you, care for you and those who are ready to help and defend you, dont be around negative people because those are Debby Downers. Positive environment breds positive people.
Thnak you for reading my post I hope this helped in a small way, always sending everything heaven wards he listens believe you me

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