Count Down #18 Days till x-mas: 12 Days Christmas Challenge

Hello My lovelies, Happy 8th December!! Today is also my blogs 6-months birthday, the theme for the 12 days of christmas challenge is –> “Five goals you wish to achieve this Christmas vacation.” this is just perfect because its something I want to set for my blog(s).

  • Currently I am spending $50 on blog sponsorships – I am sponsoring other blogs but I am yet to make something from my own so I have to work on getting some sponsors for my blog if you interested please click HERE.
This following are not blog related
  • I would like for the people have brought presents for to receive them before christmas itself
  • Loose another 5kg so I can be back to my weight of 60kg <-- gym classes e.g spin are the way to go.
  • Spend each time with my parents and my partner <-- need to think this one through.
  • Clear 1/3 of my student debt <-- being reasonable and practical.

These are my christmas goals, thank you everyone who has been reading my blog whether new to my blog (welcome) or not (thank you), I really appreciate all the comments and the love.

 **If you would like to participate in this 12 days till christmas challenge please click HERE**

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