Count Down #20 Days till x-mas: 12 Days Christmas Challenge

Hello My lovelies, Happy 6th December!! So today its 12 days of christmas challenge –> “Five people you want to celebrate Christmas with. These people should be those who are far from you or they may be near you but whom you don’t get to spend much time together.”

  • My Cousins – Edna and Trudy –> These two are in Zambia so I dont get to see them as much as I would love to, we had an amazing childhood together its sad to think I saw them for the first time after we moved to UK 11 years ago only last year.
  • My good and best friend Muky –> She is also in Zambia but I saw her for the last for years, we lived together now she is back home. Hope to see you sometime soon girl friend.
  • My Grandmother – The one and only left, really wish she didnt refuse to fly half way around the world because then we can see each other but we see each other in spirit since skype be playing.
  • My Uncles – One is South Africa and One in Zambia –> These gentlemen made our childhood the best it possibly could be, they looked out for us like no other. Thank you
  • Mother-in-law –> she is not far just Europe but we dont see her as much as we would love to. Laba diena Mika!!!

So these are my almost five (*smiling*) people I would have loved to see and spend time with this christmas

 **If you would like to participate in this 12 days till christmas challenge please click HERE**



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