• Count Down #22 Days till x-mas: 12 Days Christmas Challenge

    Hello My lovelies, Happy 4th December!! So today its 12 days of christmas challenge –> “Five presents you want to receive”, ONLY 5??? Aaaaah, anyway am over it so here goes nothing.

    • H&M’s Handbag – Dark green –> I have wanted this bag the entire year at present in store the black one is £34.99 but the Dark green onlin is £29.99
    • Next’s Merry & Bright christmas Sweaters – I am so in love with these sweaters just waiting on someone to buy them otherwise will wait for the January Sells, at present its £30.

    • New Look’s Hot Court Shoes – Red –> Some one just send me to the good place now, I am eyeing these like a hawk but again the Barganista in me is saying January sells. At present the shoes are £24.99.

    • New Look’s Sweet Charity digital print Tees & sweaters – Again I want me some of these either one is fine. At present the Sweaters are going for £12.99 and the Tees for £9.99

    • H&M’s – Blue patchy Jeans –> I saw these a couple weeks ago when broke was more than my real name and I just wanted some but since money dont grow on tress well you get the picture.

    So these are my 5 presents I want for christmas, where I will get them or not is another matter. Thanks for reading my blog, dont forget to leave me a comment I love those very much.
    **If you would like to participate in this 12 days till christmas challenge please click HERE**


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