Count Down #24 Days till x-mas: 12 Days Christmas Challenge

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Hello My lovelies, its Monday and 2nd day of December 2013 (wow even writing this sends goose bumps along my arms). So I will be continueing with my xmas countdown but with a twist, I will be taking part in the 12 days till xmas challenge by Mary @Secret Obsession. So today’s challenge is “Five things you are thankful for this christmas”. I have more than five but I will follow the rules and stick to five.

  • Finishing University and Graduating – My parents spent so much on me so I am eteranlly grateful to them and the good Lord up there.
  • Finding a Graduate Job and Meeting amazing people – I have blessed with a good company and good friends
  • My Nephew – This little man has brought and added so much love into our family, I thank God for him daily.
  • Blogger Friends – I have been so fortunate to start blogging and making so many wonderful people some who I hope will stay friends forever.
  • God – for without him the above and everything else I am would not be possible.

That’s what I am thankful for this christmas, I thank you all so much for reading and commenting on my little blog.
**If you would like to join in this challenge click HERE**


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