Peach your Apple Kitty

1. Model co. ~ Kitty

2. Lord & Berry ~ Peach Gleam 
3. Boots ~ Apple Blossom

Hello my lovelies? So today I just wanted to share with you some of my go to lipsticks I have been rocking this winter along side my reds.

I am no colour expert but these lipsticks look similar and give almost the same effect on my lips. But no one said I can just have one, I think 3 is better than one. The model co. I got from the Birchbox (November box), this is very soft and moisturises my lips. This lipstick stays on for hours and it hardly smudges it’s more gloss than lipstick but that’s the part of the charm.

Lord&Berry I got this from my first beauteco box, I will admit I don’t use it as much as I use the model co. When I wear this I like to dilute it a bit, so what I do is wear a dark lip liner then apply Vaseline then apply this lipstick and I love the end result. I have worn it alone before and it does stay long but it sometimes feels like chalk because your lips dry under it (weird) hence why I use the Vaseline to keep my lips moisturised longer.

The Boots apple blossom was no bought by me but my little sister, she used to wear it too cute so I “borrowed” it permanently and I love it. It’s moisturising, stays on long but it’s easy transfer but even after it’s remnants are evident on your lips.

Thanks for reading my post, have you tried any of these lip sticks? What was your verdict?


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