{Review} Avon Gift set

Hey my lovelies!!! So today I thought I share Avon’s gift set. 
This gift set I got from Avon, I bought it for £9.99. The gift set came with the cosmetic bag, eye shadow duo, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.  I have only tried out the lipstick so far and I am in love it with, it gives the illusion of a gloss but it’s really just a lipstick. I worn it for a few hours before it started to smudge but I think it can be controlled with a lip liner and a couple orretouches. I mean even with good lipsticks I still retouch so this should be no different.  

1. True colour healthy glow eye shadow – this has a eyeshadow brush and mirror. Good for when your on the go.

2. Glimmer stick blackest black eyeliner – it really is blackest blacker and it’s very slim, I will be trying this tonight. 

3. Ultra colour Red 2000 lipstick – I think for my skin tone this is the perfect lipstick, it has a panel on top of the lid so you don’t have to open to see the colour. 
4. Comestic bag, black in colour – I took this bag for a test drive at the work Christmas party and it really is roomier than it looks. My makeup and phone plus keys fit perfectly with the photos we took at the party.
6. Super Shock Mascara – I love the look of the mascara brush, it looks like it separates the lashes quite well. 
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    • January 10, 2016 / 10:20 pm

      Thanks Michelle

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