{2013} Christmas ~ What I got

Hello there my lovelies! I know Christmas is long gone but for me the memory is still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday. I wanted to wait a bit for the Christmas posts to die down in the blogsphere before I shared my post on some of the presents I got. 
Perfume ~ Harrods
Jumper ~ Topshop
Camera ~ CurrysPC world
Boots ~ New Look
Accesories ~ Dorothy Perkins
Candle (honey/?) ~ Asda
Bag ~ unknown
Plus More Harrods & Topshop shopping

FUJIFILM FX1 ~ my new “IT” baby
OMG I am in love with this camera, for a long time I begged G to give me (well lend me) his canon whatever camera so I can take quality pictures for my blog because I mean my former (still around) iPhone 4S only did so much and at night I couldn’t really do much. I begged and begged until Christmas Day came when he surprised me with this wonderful gift. You should have been their, my screams would have pierced your ear drums. I think G maybe in need of some hearing aids (ooops).
Diesel ~ Loverdose Tattoo
Ok so I may or may not have almost fainted when G took me to harrods so he could surprise me with purchasing this perfume in my presence! I have never had diesel perfume before, I have always worn a bit of G’s diesel perfume which I absolutely love. This fragrance is divine, feminine and very romantic. Firstly the packing, hello I mean don’t you just love it at first sight (pon tended). The heart shaped bottom had me dead on site (say this in French accent)! 
The perfume is accompanied by shower gel and hand cream which are equally divine. I loved the fact that they have a sample bottle inside so you get to try it out and see how long it stays on, it’s been a couple of days and some clothes in my laundry basket still smell of this lovely scent. I just love it, have you ever tried this fragrance before or any other diesel fragrances?
So these are some of the presents I got from family and friends. Thanks for reading my post, also don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel (youtube.com/myrabev).


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