2014: January Goals + {GIVEAWAY-CLOSED}

Monthly Goals

***The rules are as follows and note I took these straight from the hosts blog page.***
How it works:
The linky goes live on the first Wednesday of each month.
  1. Follow all three hosts: My So-Called ChaosA Peek at Karen’s World, & Jenee Thompson
  2. Write up a post recapping previous goals & setting goals for the next month. The post needs to include the Monthly Goals button, use the code above!
  3. Link-up your Monthly Goals post in the linky below!
  4. Visit other blogs in the linky to show support!
My December Goals were as follows: 
  1. 1. Continue with the gym –> SUCCESS
  2. 2. Save up for January car lessons –> ish
  3. 3. Create something for my xmas pressie swap mate (I have no creative bone in my body) –> Bought instead of creating
  4. 4. Sort all cards, presents etc and send them before xmas (that would make sense) –> SUCCESS
  5. 5. No New Years resolutions. HUGE SUCCESS

January Goals

  1. Carry on goal –> Driving lessons, pass before April
  2. New goal –> Read TWO Books each month
  3. Carry on goal –> Get a car before April
  4. Plan something for our 6 year anniversary (Have no clue where to begin)
  5. Find a room or flat-share for now till June
  6. Carry on goal – Get back to my gym routine
  7. With my new camera, take more pictures
  8. Buy domain name
These are my goals for this month, I intend to do/continue all of them.

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