27 Things Before 27

One Day At A Time

Wow ok I know it’s early and my bday is not for another 5 months but this getting older thingy is getting to me more now than I cared to admit. Let me tell you what my 15 year old self thought things would turn out and am sure most of you know this from my 2nd blog, so this WAS the plan

  • Finish school at 18, go to nursing or business school
  • After graduating, would get job, get married in no particular old
  • By 23 would be expecting/having first child
  • By 27 would be closing shop (having last kid before 30)
  • After 30 it’s more family/career focused.

That was the plan, reality is so different and this is how it stands

  • Finished school at 20 (moved countries so retook 2 finally years)
  • Graduated from uni at 26, got job but no marriage or kids
  • At 23 was breaking it down in some club and enjoying first year of uni
  • At 27 no clue where or what I am meant to be doing

So here I am trying to come up with plan B, I am so bad at this I never thought I would be so far off my then 5-10 year future plan. So here I am now trying to think of 27 things to do/accomplish before I turn 27. Any suggestions are welcome and encouraged, until next time.


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