Valentines Countdown: Red Shoes!!!

Kate Middleton Shoes


New Look shoes

I remember the first time I started noticing valentine’s day and the red theme. I was a freshman when a friend of a friend got beautiful and big flower arrangement with chocolates and a card decorated with red hearts all saying I love you, be my valentines. I can’t believe I went through life without paying no never mind to the red theme and all the lovie dovies going only around me, the only thing I associated the colour red was “if you wore anything red when it was raining cats & dogs” then lightening will strike you (superstition = has kept me alive). Anyway have drifted back to valentines day, what shoes will you wear with that little black number? Red Shoes perhaps?  If you don’t know yet fret no more I got you covered with these gorgeous pairs of red shoes, what you think? My favourite pair from new look, I love me some new look red shoes as for me they are made to fit.