Current Obsession ~ A whole nine yards


Hello peeps, so today I thought I share some insight into my current obsessions, I think the three below I have had them for over a year and I am stick just as obsessed as ever. So down to business, here goes nothing:

Music – 3 choices, zambian, Nigeria and Jamaican but I will only talk about me country.

Zambian music ~ I may be biased since I am zambian but God love our music is in the league of its own. The one that is frequently on repeat is called “sikiriti” for my non-Zambians it’s “secret” OMG this song is amazing the message behind it is powerful too (secrets in the bed room, once we shut the door no one knows if the problem is with you or me because people are laughing at me for not having a baby) something like that. Just type in “zambian music” on YouTube and you good to go.

Dramas or Movies ~ 3 choices, korean, American and south African but only talk about Korean.
Korean dramas/movies ~ ok now that I have a real korean friend I am even more biased! I really can’t pin point why I love their dramas and movies so much but I thank my best friends for introducing me to korean everything and now I am addicted so much that every night before bed I have to watch at least or drama or movie or two lol. I will share one of my all time favourite and the first one I ever watched alone, it’s called “FULL HOUSE” OMG it’s amazing check it out.

Romantic Novels ~ At present only vampire flicks

Romantic Vampire flicks ~ OMG here to begin, my obsession started in my final year at uni and  almost 2years on it’s still going strong. I am no twilight fan but I did watch all the twilight movies just because. I like reading about vampire romantic flicks than I do watching them I guess when reading I can let my imagination run wild. My first read where books written by TJ Michaels you can find them on amazon both hard copy and kindle versions, after that I just got some much into it I read almost all the books by Erica Stevens and more.

 Let me just mention that it’s after I really got bored of “50 shades of grey”, hahaha some book it was I skipped so many pages as it became predictable. Anyway that’s that for my current obsessions post, till next time.


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  1. Dharia Lézin
    March 19, 2014 / 1:32 am

    I got fed up of vampires after I read all the interview with the vampire trilogy and almost all Anne Rice books, but I saw a big vampire obsession coming (and I was right), however, the other things you mentioned really cached my eye. I’m gonna make some research 🙂

    • March 19, 2014 / 6:09 am

      I am glad to hear that! You certainly were right about vampire obsession lol, let me know what you think of my other two obsessions. Thanks for stopping by,

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