(Live Life & Love) ~ New Series

Hello my lovely readers! So today i have started a new series which will be featuring on my blog every sunday (not sure yet if morning or night time). Live Life & Love is an idea I have had for a while now and I have written and deleted so many drafts because i did not have the confidence to actually write it. Anyway enough of that, whats is Live Life & Love anyway I hear you ask? Well let me tell you a little story about me to explain it all.

Every sunday I sit down and reflect on what has happened in the week, for me a new week starts on Monday. I go through each day reflecting on what happened, what I did or didn’t or what I could have done differently. Though I have these thoughts on a daily basis my Sundays are more like playbacks and the day I set out a new To-Do list for the week. I dont only do this for my personal life but also my work life.

So what should you expect in this new series! Well the 3 L’s say it all really:

Live = I will be sharing how I have been living that week and by that I dont mean just the town where I live in but everything around me. This will branch into Life.

Life = This one is similar to Live but will mainly focus on what has interested me the most that week and what my current obsessions are. And finally Love.

Love = Yes this will be the mushy squishy stuff but I will spare you all the gory details and just keep this to a minimum. I will be focusing on my relationship with people around me.

So this is what you should expect from my new series plus much more, with every idea it grows and blossoms as it worked on with passion otherwise it fades and dies and I sincerely hope mine doesn’t.


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