Happy wednesday y’all, so today is a very special day for me and it has been for the last 6+ years and it will continue to be that till kingdom come.  So why is it special well apart from personal reasons, i will share the reasons for this month and this week.

* Inspection ends today ~ you would not believe how stressful (stress-eating too) the last couple days have been but today i break a sign of relief as all the crazy malackies ends today. **open the champagne**

* I received the greatest news ever ~ its good to finally get some good news after so many bad news (mostly death in family)

* Work Recognition ~ so with all the stress running around at work it really made my week so far when i got recognised for the work i am doing and its all thanks to a certain oppah!

* Tax ~ after a long chat with the tax man we found out he owes US not us owing THEM hahaha best news ever.

* Friends ~ I made new friends again, my oppah being one of them, an artist then i had a lovely catch up with my bestie.

And thats my news on my special day, to you my special someone THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS DAY A SPECIAL ONE!!!!!


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