Manicure Monday

manicure monday

Hello there peeps! Manicure Monday is back and back for good and so bright.
I am wearing a bright pink colour this week, this pink is so liberating for me I just love how it looks against my skin tone I mean just look at it so vibrant.

Though I love it I will confess I do not like how long it’s taking to dry! Ok maybe it’s because I have had it for over a year now so maybe but still I would like it to dry quicker like before. The other thing I am disappointed about is the fact that I needed at least 2 coats before I felt I had a colourful enough pink. Previously when I have worn it, it, had lasted the whole week so will see how it goes bearing in mind I have not disturbed the bottle for almost a year.

Thanks for stopping by, what do you think of this colour?