My Happies & Crappies


Hello peeps! So today’s post used to be something I did every Thursday to join a linky that I used to love. I don’t think it is around anymore but I want to write such a post.

So here goes nothing:


1. My iBook, juicer and April love me beauty box arrived, can not wait to try them all out (already used the juicer last night – blogging post coming soon).
2. Got given more responsibilities at work, I am being entrusted with a lot of tasks (this can be a crappy too see below)
3. Since I am always a happy bunny was so happy when I received presents for no apparent reason so I am super happy.
4. Our church/family trip to Munich is all booked and dusted so will just have to keep my fingers together till we go.
5. Unexpectedly lost half a stone without even trying, I was not trying to lose weight just trying to have a junk-less food lifestyle for a bit.

1. As mentioned above got more responsibilities but so scared stiff of failing good thing I don’t do anxiety attacks or panic attacks just ten second heart attack and done.
2. My iBook is being a pain, only connecting to some wifi networks and not my home one.

So that’s my happies and crappies of this week, what are yours? I would like to hear from you.