Live Life & Love #3


Welcome to the third installment of 3Ls (Live Life & Love), this series is where I try to capture everything that has happened in the closing week and also what has been happening on both my blogs and other social media networks. So to kick start this week’s 3Ls is my new found power, yes power (ok not really power in the sense of the word). Yesterday I spent a good few hours designing my 2nd blog, check it out HERE, I redesigned my blog header and on this blog I created a Grab button which if you’re a fellow blogger are more than welcome to grab.

Grab button for A JULY DREAMER

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I have had the pleasure of experiencing the London life AGAIN and I am not a fun AGAIN, I just do not like the rushing around and not catching your breath until you get home kinda things (you keep breath now). My parents and I spent most of the day in London trying to get to our appointment on time and at the same time trying to do other things before the shops closed. I will be that all in all it was a good day because I was with my parents and I was their PROUD daughter, its was and is such a good feeling when your parents remind you of how proud they are of you its the best feeling ever.


Nothing special to report as I keep on living my life happily regardless of situations that I may or may not go through which may or may not be under my control. I have continued to rekindle old friendships which is amazing, my best friend when I was in high school whom I have not seen in over 11 years found me on facebook when I had been searching for her for over 4 years on facebook and could not find her. I am a happy bunny indeed, I feel like the sky is shinning upon me because this friend is a friend of all friends. The one who understands your psychosis more than your own parents or even your husband/wife.


Well there is trouble in paradise (NOT) but that’s a topic for Myrabev’s Corner. During our London appointment I managed to stop by Wasabi shushi & Bento for some much needed “Spicy Chicken tanmen” OMG this was good I as usual eat out all the chicken pieces then drunk the soup then ate the million leaves and what noots. I am also loving chilling with my mother just because we can, it is amazing and I am loving it all.

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