Top 5 Friday!!


Hello there! Welcome to the 2nd top 5 Friday, if you missed the first one well fret no more cause your girl has gat you covered right HERE. This week has been hectic with a capital H in red pen, my work is getting more and more intense but I love it and I am blessed to have such a job; just in case you didn’t read my personal confession about how I got to this job click HERE.

Getting back to today’s post, like I mentioned last time I will be sharing what has made my week not my all time top 5 as we could be here a week: so here goes my top 5 Friday.

1. Smiling – I am one if those people who always has a huge smile on my face regardless of the situation in my life (funerals excluded – smile only when necessary). I am blessed with a big mouth so bigger the mouth the bigger the smile – I smile to rival both Zambia and UK lol

2. Wantable accessories box and Love me beauty boxes – I love my beauty boxes it’s crazy. 90% of items I can not get enough of, they made them to my specification (Wantable) and I love them. If you didn’t see what I got in my love me beauty and Wantable boxes click HERE and HERE respectively.

3. At work we had an inspection and anyone who works in Pharma industry, hospitals etc where you have inspectors like MHRA FDA inspecting you you know it’s gonna be painful regardless of whether you are doing what’s required or not. But thankfully everything went smoothly and my bosses recognised me and gave me points. Now I am your wondering what I can do with points well I can convert them into cash (though it’s taxed – bummer) so when I get these points I exchanged them for gift cards so last month got £50 New Look card, £75 M&S and £25 MasterCard good huh!!

4. Over the weekend I removed the extensions and now been rocking my natural kinky Afro hair for 6 days and I can’t get enough compliments. People saying it suits me, I thank them dearly but people Afro kinky to the K hair is hard to maintain so not sure how long it will stay like this before I braid it.

5. Well it’s Friday so it’s a top 5 for me, today I am not sure what the day will hold for me but I will say this God has never given me anything I couldn’t handle so Friday I am ready.

So there you have it, my top 5 Friday. What are your top 5 Friday’s?