Live Life & Love #8

cover ttHi there & welcome to the eighth installment of my series 3L’s (live life & love) which features not only my happenings of the ending week but more often than not my happenings on my second blog “A walk in Myrabev’s shoes” AKA “myrabev’s corner” as well as if not the entire month. If you missed the seventh installment you can find it HERE.


All things considered this has been pretty good, I am in a happy place. Made new friends and life has taken a new direction and though I am scared I am very excited too. I will soon be celebrating my 1 year of blogging and there is so much I want to share but so little time.


Well which ever way you look at it life sometimes suck but I believe its how you deal with it that makes all the difference in the world. You can not be a negative person and expect positive things to happen in you life, so my stance is be happy with the life you have and stop comparing as you do not know what they have sacrificed to have what they have.

for the 3Ls//Love

So much advise and so many personal opinions on what should and should not be done but at the end of the day its my decision and since I can sleep with 90% of my decisions I think I will trust me more and if I am wrong well we all learn from our mistakes/experiences.

***If people would like for me to create a live life & love linky then let me know as I get asked a few times and I want to know what my readers want***