New Look Mini-Haul





Dress –> £15
Flats –> £7
Jellewry –> £6
Underwear –> £7 for a pack of 3

A few weeks back I decided to do a little bit of shopping from my favourite store new look using my £50 gift card from work. Though I went I didn’t really feel like spending too much so I spent just under £35 and rest I gave to my sister don’t say I never share . I just wanted a few items so I bought flats, reborn Jellewry (you know I love me some Jellewry), a dress and some underwear (they had them on offer). As I have mentioned in countless posts, I like to shop in new look but usually during sale times as they have the best sales also I would recommend it to anyone (since now they do men’s wear too).

How often do you go shipping and when was the last time you had a haul this mini? Lol