Monday Fashion ~ Floral/Red Shoes



Red Shoes – Everything5pounds
Trouser – Peacocks floral print
Body suit – New Look
Coat – New Look
Jewellery – EverythingUnder5pounds
Nail Polish – Nail Girls

Hi there! Welcome to my Monday Fashion posts, today I am sharing my first OOTD post in June (I still can not believe its June). Last weekend I went to Cambridge to visit my parents for couple days, this is the outfit I wore to church.

Excuse my don’t touch Michael Jackson trousers they shrunk in the wash. It was a very nice looking day but with a very bad wind blowing so hence the coat. Though I complain about everything £5 online store I do love these shoes, I have only worn them twice in fear of what happened to my green pair.

What do you guys think of floral print and how do you wear it?