Products I regret buying – #1

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How many times have you bought something and thought hang on a moment, that ain’t right or I wish I never bought this. Well I have found myself in that same boat again and again and this week I will be naming and shaming. To begin this “regret” post series, I will start with “Beauty & Fashion items”,

1. Green platform 2&1:2 inch heel from everything £5 – I bought these shoes for work, I loved them like I don’t know. They were sooo comfoy, and stylish but only after 1 WEEK the entire heel had disappeared, I mean I may have worn them every day for 5 days, they may have only been £5 but still I expected at least a month out of them not 5 days. I was so disappointed but then again you know me I get over it quickly so I have decided not to buy such shoes from everything £5 again.
2. Plain high waisted trouser from everything £5 – These trousers I did not even have a chance to wear them, they came looking ratchet. I didn’t even bother complaining because sending them back will cost me more than I paid for them. Another lesson for me not to buy such trousers from them.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not dissing everything £5 because I have in the past bought shoes which I still have a year on, I have even bought other trousers from them but for some reasons these kind of shoes and this type of trouser are no good hence my resolve to stop buying such items from them, granted they are very cheap but cheap don’t necessary mean really really bad quality.


3. Tartan dress from Miss Rebel – Now I love their items but this one dress is too flimsy. I could not believe it, I wore it and it felt really good and looked really nice but the colour just seem to come right off the dress and onto my skin which is NOT accepted. Because it was cheap I would have expected colour to run during the wash not onto my skin whilst wearing it. So this one I am not sure I will be buying dresses anytime soon from them but jackets now that I will continue to buy because they have wonderful items.
4. Maybelline foundation – I thought this was a good foundation when I wore it but after a while he just stopped making any difference of my face in terms of I still managed to sweat it as if I didn’t have any on.
5. Stick on nails from poundland – ok I know what you thinking but poundland goods are not always bad, they really do have some really nice and cute items which have lasted me longer in the past but these damn press on nails just tooo unreal I mean felt like wear plastic which I cut myself from the milk bottle (not cool).

That’s it for part #1 of products I regret buying. Look out for the next post on products I regret buying gadget items edition.

What items do you regret buying?