Top 5 vlogs Relegated to posts

A couple weeks or even months ago, I decided to do a couple of videos to keep my YouTube channel ticking over. But as with everything in life not all goes well or even go as planned in my case. I did manage to make a few videos but I just couldn’t find the time to edit them before uploading to my channel. I am sure you have seen my channel and if not see it HERE, it is not the most beautiful nor are my videos. The reason is because sometimes I just upload them as made straight to YouTube with no edit or filter (still working on this ha!). So I decided to relegate (downgrade) some of these “would have been” vlogs into posts hence my not so catchy post title “vlogs relegated to posts”.

Natural Hair Q&A Journey –> You may or may not know that  last year I made the decision to have the big chop after university and I was going to share my hair journey so far. But I have been so lazy and I do not really do much with this kinky I call hair, I decided it was not worth it doing a vlog. I did want to mention the products I use, which include Argan oil that I got from my glossy beauty box (May box). The other products I use are all from the “olive oil” brand, tried caster oil but didn’t do nothing for me apart give me more dandruff which I did not need.

Get Ready with Me — > my sister helped me film this video whilst we were in Munich, when I watched it back plus with my lack of editing skills I was just like naaa can’t do this. It was like being on reality TV with camera following your every move that was super uncomfortable and crippy for me. It’s all well and good when I am filming alone and am mostly in same position.

How to pack for a holiday — > so before we departed for Munich couple weeks now I decided to film a video of me packing for a short break and what I was taking. Once I finished I realized I was gonna unpack it all again as was not sure how much language dad had booked for us. I deleted the video because sharing it I felt would have been deceitful because though I had intended to pack what I had shown on the video I ended up carrying only a quarter of that plus other items I felt were more essential than what I had mentioned in the vlog.

Morning and night time routine — > I have done a night time routine and it has not changed much, my morning routine is basically; wash face with water, then use “Clear Start”, rinse, towel dry and then moisturize with simple’s replenishing and hydrating moisturizer and that’s it. I felt this didn’t need a whole video to explain so I nipped it in the bud.

May new finds & emptied — > this would have been a worth it video but the time to sit down and gather the items then remember their names and what they for also where I got them from became too much for me. I have so much going on and blog is slowly but surely booming so I kinda just said you know what let me step back and come back to it from another angle so this is my angle.

**So that’s my Top 5 vlogs relegated to posts, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Feedback on all my posts is always welcome and appreciated so long as its constructive and not abusive**