July carried June Fatigue

Apologies if this post is too incoherent or their is more mummbo jumbo than anything

Hi there and happy Friday! I really felt this day couldn’t come fast enough even if I wanted it to. June/July seems to be very very tiring months for me, I do not know why but I have fatigue up to my elbow and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. Let me describe my last few of weeks for you and I know to some this is nothing but to me this is becoming something.

June began with my family and I heading to Munich for a mini vacation/church convention. It was super fun, met so many people made so many friends with similar tastes and beliefs. The down side was our hotel (though really beautiful) was in the outskirts of Munich so there was about an hours plus travel every time we went anywhere and though this travelling was not too tiring it was the transport works happening in a town that was not familiar to us so kinda put a dumper on things but we did manage to get around it somehow. The other tiring issue was our parents need to go exploring/disappearing and worry the Jesus outa me and my little sister. I am really sorry to my parents if we were like that when we were kids on holiday and if that was pay back time we definitely learnt how lesson and now understand their feelings from way back when.

Mid June was much more crazier at work than I thought, clearly being out of office for 4 days and then another extra day for training with outside organisation kinda makes work pile up and somehow deadline which were never their to start with snick up on you and brings the latent insomnia up with it like a bottle of hot sauce.

We enter July with my birthday and blogaversary (giveaway ongoing – see giveaway page above), I had arranged for my brother and sister-in law to bring my nephew down so I can take him shopping (instead of me treating myself to a weekend in Paris – his worth it though). That beautiful young man good lord is so energetic he left his poor auntie so exhausted I slept through the following day till 2 pm when I had to leave my parents house to return to my rented accommodation. Though I was very tired I would do it again in a heart beat.

Mid July has seen me so stressed that my hair started to look malnourished and I resembled a kwashokior patient. I will not lie, I love my job so much but the latest stress has made me realise I need a vacation in the sun fast. The fatigue is still on as I write this post and I gave up twice writing this post until I knocked a few cents into my brain for good measure.

Now this is not a sympathy post, this is me dealing with fatigue/stress my way. As you know I write everything down and I come back to this to remind me never to be or feel this low again. Like I always say happiness is a choice and I for one will no allow fatigue or stress to bring me down y’all. I hope all have a great Friday.