Manicure 2

Hi there! In the good spirit of a blogger I decided to do a little recycling of posts. I shared this manicure over a year ago now and funny thing is I still have this nail polish and was rocking it last week. I have been going back reviewing my posts and reflecting on somethings and one thing that stood out for me is how much my writing style has changed. I would like to think it’s changed for the better but obviously only my readers can tell. Those of you who’ve been around these parts for a while now will know how much I love sharing my manicure’s of the week (though lately due to my illness not shared any for a while). I do not like going to the manicure parlour to spend £25 to have my nails done when I can do them myself and since I change them weekly I do not really see the point. But one thing I need to do is invest in some good nail polish and since I can not get julep in the UK I need an alternative which I am in search of and hopefully will get something good soon. If you have good suggestions which I can use and delivers to the UK please let me know in the comments section.

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Excuse the blurriness they were taken with the iPhone 4s

Excuse the blurriness, iPhone pictures

  So am back AGAIN with another nail polish. Firstly a review of the last manicure I did and I will say though I loved the colour and combination damn that nail polish just would not come off like normal nail polish does the glitter part stuck lil glue even after the bottom near polish was off so next time I will just wear them separately.  Moving on to my new manicure, this colour just made my heart skip when I put it on. I really didn’t think it would look this good against my skin tone but long and behold it does. Again this nail polish is from Primark and I will do another quick review on my nail manicure blog.