Top 5 Friday {+Freebie Friday Giveaway – CLOSED}

Hi there and welcome back to my little corner of the world! I know these parts have been pretty quite of late but I am back and so is my top 5 Friday and also my freebie Friday giveaways. I am so excited to share my top 5 Friday this week and as I mentioned when I originally started this little series is that I will share 5 things in my life that I am thankful for and have happened so without any further delays here goes:

5. Health
So if you are a reader of my 2nd blog ‘The Myrabev Life’ you will know that I have been reviewing and talking crazy about the vegetarian lifestyle and how I am using that to help maintain my health. Well yesterday at work I finally made me a plate with so many ‘greens’ my mamma would be proud. I will share how I made it on my other blog sometime soon. But here is a sneak pic.

4. Friends
Last Sunday my parents hosted a BBQ at their house and we invited everyone from church. Our house in the UK has never been that full before well except for when my granddad and auntie died. Anyway it was so much fun having people you share your faith with together in one place and just the community feeling was amazing I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Next weekend my friends and I will be in London celebrating our friend’s birthday so really looking forward to all the charts and noises like before.

3. August Degustabox
Ok so this isn’t exactly something I would normally put on top 5 but yesterday I got my Degustabox (foodie subscription box) and it couldn’t have come at the right time. Y’all might not know but I am practising the art of ‘tight belt’ financially as I want to save up enough for my upcoming trip so having this food box with all I need is amazing and just having food is great here so many out there who ain’t so fortunate so I am grateful I have this. I will share my box content on my 2nd blog but here is a sneak pic

2. Weddings
Naaaa people don’t get your hopes up it ain’t my wedding it’s my young brother’s wedding. My brother and his fiancé told us they are getting married next year oh my! Oh my! My excitement can not be contained I am so happy for them and I can’t wait for the big day to arrive like I am counting it down for them (they don’t know that part). Ahhh happiness is good.

Munich Day 1

1. Family
There are so many types of families in this world and I know and believe ‘blood is thicker than water’ but I do also know and believe that blood doesn’t make you a family. loving, caring and being their for one another makes you a family. Like they say anyone can give birthday or father a child but it’s the people that are there every single day/night sacrificing everything to make the child happy regardless of their situation that makes a parent. I am grateful to have such amazing and incredible parents, siblings and other people I consider family blood or no blood.

Those are my top 5 Friday, as always thanks for the support and encouragement. Now onto the freebie Friday… I am giving away a £10 Amazon gift card because I love you so much.
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