Maybelline’s Dream Matte-Mousse Foundation ~ Review.

Matte-perfect mousse foundation, cocoa shade (this is the darkest shade)
**good at night**
**It’s good for the day time**

Hi there and welcome, it’s been forever and a day since I did anything beauty or showed any of the products I use.
How many of you use Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline New York??? What’s your shade? What has been your experience with this product? I just love this product, I only need a small amount to cover my face. I have mixed this foundation with another Maybelline foundation before and I preferred it alone. The very first time I used Maybelline New York ‘s Dream Mouse was Christmas Eve 2011, a friend of mine suggested it to me and since I knew my mother used it I thought why not. I have not regretted my decision, I love this foundation with all it’s flaws for my type of skin. The majority of times when I wear this foundation I don’t even bother with powder because the coverage I get its amazing. It looks natural, it’s soft on my skin and stays on for a minimum of 6 hours. I will only fault it on my nose, because I have an oily nose and even with this wonderful product I still haven’t escaped the greasy nose dilemma, but all in all I love this product and will keep using it until until!!!

I would recommend this product to anyone with dry skin, someone looking to try new foundation or both.

  • I’ve never tried a mousse before. I’ll have to try!

  • Samantha Curtis

    I’ve tried this and was so indifferent on it. I hate how once I find one I love, I can’t find the strength to change! haha

  • Camesha

    I haven’t tried it. I don’t wear makeup for the most part. I go the boring chap stick route. Lip gloss if I’m getting jazzy! LOL

  • Avie T

    I loved the feel of the mousse, but it didn’t mesh well with my skin. I broke out like crazy from it. Wish I didn’t, because it seemed like it was great.

    • Sorry to hear that for me I didn’t experience any bad effects

  • hmmm going to have to try this…

  • I’m not one to wear foundation. BB cream is about as far as I’ll go. My skin has just never been a fan.

    • I love wearing this foundation when i can but my skin doesnt really need any coverage. I do love BB and CC creams they seem to like my skin

  • Ayana Pitterson

    Ohhh mousse foundations are like airbrush to me. LOVEEEEEE!

  • I have never tried the mousse foundations, but it looks so creamy!

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    Looking great lady! I love mousse foundation!

  • looks fabulous on you!

  • Carly Anderson

    You look great with this foundation! I have always wondering how well this one did – thanks for sharing your review!

  • looks fabulous!

  • This foundation didn’t work well with me for some reason. However, I use the matte mousse blush almost every day and it’s great! Looks fabulous on you!!!!!!

    • Thanks Amby, i think like most products some work for others and some dont x

  • Neely

    You look great!!!

  • I normally use MAC foundation, but would love to try a chemist brand sometimes. This sounds great.

  • Liv

    I’ve not tried it yet so this post was very helpful for me!!! thanks! I love to use powered though just for that “finished” look!

  • This looks wonderful on you. I don’t think I’ve tried it before.

  • I haven’t worn foundation in a long time. Looks really great on you.

  • Fiona Naughton

    I used to use this foundation in my school days, it worked really well and was so soft if I remember correctly! 🙂

    • yes its really soft and i love the texture and creamy-ness of it

  • It looks great on you!

  • Laura Milroy

    I totally need to start looking at this!

    The Accidental Mama

  • I’ve heard such great things about this foundation but have never tried it! I think I’ll give it a shot <3

  • Lily @ From Lily With Love

    I just started using Dream Liquid Mousse with Airbrush Finish and love it! I had used CoverGirl for years before, and just decided to branch out. It’s been great so far! Dream Matte Mousse will have to be next on the list of products to try 🙂

  • Looks great. I am always looking for less expensive products to change out from my expensive ones!

  • I used to use this foundation! I like the coverage and how light it feels.

  • I’ve seen this foundation before but never thought anything of it! Looks really good on you.

  • Lucie1979

    I use liquid foundation but have always wondered what the mousse is like. Looks fab xx

  • Erica

    I only use powder, but this looks like a great product, Thanks for sharing!

  • Abbigayle Warner

    it looks fab hun , really suits you and looks very natural!! . thats funny cz my mom uses the same thing too! 🙂

  • Melissa Haag

    Looks great!