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#breakfast is served #granola with raisins honey and natural yoghurt

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  Heading home to make more of these #granola   A photo posted by A July Dreamer (@myrabev) on


Dinner is served #salmon from #sainsburys and a self-made salad

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I am loving #mackerel too much, had it for lunch and now having it for dinner. #sainsburys #salad

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I have never done the instagram posts before and I thought I give it a try. Lately I have been posting so many pictures on my instagram its crazy, I am enjoying cooking so much and also I have noticed since I started cooking my own meals I am actually losing weight I mean who would have thought it (obviously not me) but I am super glad and super motivated to continue. I have noticed that my eating habits have changed, I am eating more healthy these days than before and apart from having dinner at “The Slug & Lettuce” restaurant with my bestie I have not eaten out in a while (3 weeks going on 4). Even when I did go out I ate a “Grilled chicken, bacon and avocado Salad” which was real yummy but cheated on the dessert part I had Caramel Apple Crumble pie with Vanilla ice cream (just what the doctor ordered).

What have you being posting lately on your instagram? Do you have any IG account? Personal/blogging or separate?