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Friday wishes

Lately I have been thinking about getting a few products from my beloved Love Me Beauty a subscription box I have been loving for a while now. They have changed up the system, previously you would pay £12.95 (P&P included) and they would pack up 5-6 beauty items that they think you will like and send them out but lately what they have introduced is a points system, so you still pay the same amount monthly but you have more control on the choice of products you get or you can leave it up to them and they will choose something. I like this new system as well as the new website design its really pretty and easy to navigate. I decided to get a few things with my six points, since my last box was picked for me I was hooked on the face product I recieved and I wanted more.

Screenshot 2014-11-13 at 18.04.37

Grapefruit Face CleanserOur foaming cleansing gel synthesizes natural grapefruit extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents.  Unlike traditionally harsh detergents that can be drying, stripping and irritating, this formula gently and thoroughly purifies and hydrates to ph balance all skin types, especially sensitive.  Rinses residue free,eliminating the need for a toner. Perfect make-up removal (including eye makeup). Natural fragrance and color. 

BOURJOIS PARIS EYE PEARLS NO.62 & Max Factor’s Nailfinity nail in disco pink

Screenshot 2014-11-13 at 18.04.45


Sally Hansen nail polishes Nail colour covers in just one coat, brilliantly. The Perfectionist Brush™ contours to any nail, so colour always glides on precisely, quickly, flawlessly. And, the exclusive Flexiglass Complex combines beautiful, brilliant shine and super-strong wear. So simple, so Sally.

I can not wait to try these nail polishes off, I am so excited. I know fall is almost over and summer is long gone but that don’t mean I can not wear bright colours. What are your favourite nail polish buys? Have you ever used Malin + Goetz products before?