Manicure Monday ~ The Collection

pic mani 1 pic mani 2 pic 3 maniScreenshot 2014-11-13 at 18.04.4520140621-133912-49152417.jpgHi there! I am still buzzing in anticipation for my new nail polish to arrive as part of my Love Me Beauty Box and I thought I share with you what I already have in store. This is half of my entire collection – I move too much so I leave almost everything at my parents house (aka free storage place). Back in the day I was never one to wear bright colours apart from red because that’s my colour but lately I seem to have grown a backbone for colourful and bright colours (Even dare to paint the Gentleman’s toes – was funny and cute). My latest manicure wish list contains more bright colours than ever before and I am happy with my new confidence of wearing such bright colours.  This Fall has brought me into loving these Fall colours I shared in my post and though I love all the colours I must say this NYX fairly Pink colours does stand-out for me. I think I have mentioned in almost all my manicure monday posts how much I love each polish I wear and mention when I do not but usually if I do not like the manicure I never bother sharing. What I usually love for in a nail polish is:

  • Application – how easy is it to apply, does one coat or two do it?
  • Removability – I have had my share of nail polish that once on need a whole bottle of vanisher to remove and even when removed they leave an ugly stain. I need a polish take an arm and a leg to remove
  • Non-chip  – I love non-chip nail polish I like to wear a polish for more than 5 days so need a lasting ones and at times I wear same for two weeks or so hence I need non-chip polish
  • Shine/shimmer – I do love nail polishes that shine and or shimmer because I don’t know but they look better and more stylish and not just bland.

What do you look for in nail polishes (if you wear)? What do you think of my collection?