{WIAT} What I Ate Today

It’s so amazing what you can do in the kitchen when you put your mind to it. Since I got back from my vacation 3 weekends ago I came back with such enthusiasm to start cooking again. You see when I left for Uni about 7 years ago now I met a group of girls who I love to pieces more so because they loved to cook and well it was a change for me for once someone else was cooking and I got to enjoy. Anyway since I have been back I have been cooking up a storm of healthy foods without even thinking about it and the best part is my size 12/14 is now on its way back to size 10/12. Anyway back to the post, so what did I get up to today.

Breakfast – Today I ate the last of my Jordan’s Granola cereal which I got in my september Degustabox, such a sad day but getting some more tomorrow from store.

#breakfast is served this 1st day of November 2014.

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Lunch – I kind of skipped lunch today, I ate yoghurt, some Special K crackers crisps from my October Degustabox and drunk loads of water (I actually mean juice).

Dinner – I felt like having a salad as I was not really hungry but with eggs and cooking bacon reaching their expiry date today I figured its do or die day (I crack my self up). So this Egg/Bacon style salad was born, I actually created it a week or so again but forgot about until today.

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#food #foodflirt dinner is served for my non-veg

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The best part about being in the kitchen is you don’t have to always follow the recipe you can twick as you go and thats how great chefs have grown (so am told) and improved their skills. There you have it, my what i ate today (WIAT) is done, what did you eat today?