{Christmas Challenge} I would want nothing more

12 Days of Christmas Challenge


Christmas time has always meant family time for my family and I, this is not to say anytime outside this isn’t as special it is. Christmas is a time of good cheer, time of thanks and time for family and remembering those who are not so fortunate to have what you have. I have always talked about the Family tradition my family and I have and in one of my latest posts on The Myrabev Life I mentioned how ‘My Christmas is different to yours‘. Today’s post is another one in a series of the Christmas blogger challenge, which I mentioned in my First Post would be different to the rest ongoing at the moment. Today I want to share some of the people that I wish I could spend Christmas with outside my parents, siblings, nephew and boo.

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  • Cousins – I have so many cousins (maybe also 50 not kidding) and I wish one day I could spend these holidays with them all.
  • Friends – One of my good friends Mukunta (miss this girl), my uni friends, college friends and others that have made along the way.
  • Nephews & Nieces – From having so many cousins you can almost guarantee I have a lot of nieces and nephews obviously here in UK only 1 but back home in Zambia I have almost 15 and this is all from one side of the family.
  • Uncles – growing up I had two favourite uncles, they did everything for me and my siblings and I wish I could spend these holidays with them. Growing up it was a must but being so far apart it’s not easy.
  • Aunties – I have lost so many beautiful and yet so young aunties who were so fun and very much loved. Having lost two of them this year along is too much to handle but I know I will have them in spirit.

These are some of the people I wish I could spend christmas with, what about you? Who would you give anything to spend christmas with?