{Fashion} My Work Look

Work wear

{Fashion} My Work Look

Ever since I started working I have always had an idea of what my work clothes should look like, granted I do not always dress like that because well am human and more often than not I am all for comfort than style. But lately I have decided to starting putting more thought into how I dress for work and it’s probably not the best time or season to start testing this now but its better now than later.

I have always loved the idea of simplicity and usually that’s what I go for, I do not like to wear too much (I am in the wrong country) but then again I do not want to be cold so a compromise is usually wearing tights which for the life of me can not stand (I guess have not find the ‘ones’ yet). This outfit is something you would see me wearing at work more often than not but with the exception of the shoes, especially in this weather I have decided boots are more usually than these pretty heels.

Favourite Boots

I do not know what it is but I do love comfy boots and some of these I have had for a long time and some are new (won’t say which). What are some of your favourite outfits for work or going out? What do you think of my work look?


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