{Blogger Event} London Christmas shopping tour


Imagine visiting one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world and add on the stress of Christmas shopping. I am not fan of  stress that comes from trying to buy presents for family and friends. I was very excited to have been invited to the #curryschristmaswalk in London. The event was organised by Joe’s blog – a wonderful social network that connects bloggers and brands.

London Christmas shopping tour

We started the walk visiting Havana Club in London where Churchill smoked his cigars. After a little wonder, we then went to a bookstore {see the first image}. It was strangely nice to feel a book in my hands again since technology took over my life. I can not remember the last I held a book, now it’s all kindle reading. The bookstore did leave a lingering feel for me to return and feel the books on such a winter’s day. Next on was Lock & co – a hats store which was too posh for me (felt awkwardly out of place). But I was quickly drawn to Floris, a perfume store which smelled absolutely lovely. My favourite of all the perfumes we snapped was cherry blossom, it was not girly not overpowering.

Happy to have visited a perfume store I was ready for some wine from the Berry Bro’s & Rudd limited wine merchants.  The kindly gave us a test of the king’s ginger wine and saw the last telegram from the titanic.  We learnt that the company was shipping wine to the states on the titanic before it sank. Something I found interesting along with the scale they used back in the day to measure items. They used to use it to measure people (women?) it looks funny and didn’t trust it would hold me up but back then it worked like magic.

Blogger Event

Currys Christmas Walk with LDN Walks

The #curryschristmaswalk was arranged in conjunction with #LDNwalks who arrange London tours all year round. Though the main purpose for this tour was to see the back streets of London and shop for Christmas. We were given smart techs – PULSE (Read more here) from withings. The idea was to track how many steps we could take on the tour and see how many calories we burned. Though it can sometimes be stressful shopping in cities like London remember you’re also burning up some serious calories.

I am sure will make you very happy to hear and make you feel less guilty for stuffing your face this Christmas. The gadget I got is so amazing, I get to track how many steps I take a day. The recommendation is 10000, during the entire tour coupled with some rests I managed 7000+. I can measure my heart rate and oxygen saturation, I could also track if my walk was up a step or not. The most important thing is I can wear this has a watch or tag it to my waist.


The Withings is easy to use and operate, I downloaded the app to my phone, registered and connected my device. The data collected is saved in two places; on the phone and on the web. I am also using this as my watch so I am wearing it daily and seeing my progress so far. Definitely happy with this gadget and even more happy of when I went for the blogger event. I love meeting other bloggers and just talking blog things because no one else understands.

Have you ever used the smart ‘Fit’ technology or the withings pulse gadget?

  • Oh gosh! This looks like such an exciting shopping day! I would’ve loved some of those caramel truffles!

  • April Mims

    I love having information about how many steps I’ve taken and calories I’ve burned. I’ve got a running watch that gives me all kinds of data to geek out on.

    • hahaha love that to geek out on, i love my pulse ox and so far i am taking more steps each week

  • That looks like a fun and luxurious shopping trip. I for sure would have picked up some of those Milk Sea Salt Caramel Truffles.

    • hahhaha thanks cassie it was fun and cold lol london for ya

  • Sam

    What a fun event! And great job with the steps. I use a Fitbit, but my step count has not been great the past few weeks. Maybe if I attended events like this!

    • haha thanks, i walk a lot these days so this is quite handy

  • This looks like a fun event! A shopping tour would be my kind of tour! The Pulse looks like a cool device. I use the Jawbone Up band to keep track of my daily activities.

    • Shopping tours are always the best kind of tour in my book lol

  • Michelle Hwee

    how pretty! The truffle boxes are so cutee!! I would love some:)

  • I also use activity monitors. It really helps tracking down your steps and calories and how you can take the extra walks to reach your desired goals. It’s also tough managing the stress of Christmas shopping.

    • Tough is understatement but it was fun anyway, loving this new gadget

  • What an amazing opportunity you were given! That is amazing! I haven’t used any gadgets yet, other than a treadmill, but I am thinking about a FitBit!

    • The FitBit looks amazing and i love it, i love my pulse ox too

  • Paula – Buenos Aires

    London and blogging in the same sentence: dreamy! I´ve never used any techie gadgets for finess. Not much fitness going on either. 😉

  • jenlastinger

    What a fun blogger event! I love activity trackers, I wear one everyday!

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Ginger wine sounds lovely. It would be so fun to check out Berry Bro’s & Rudd with my daughter!

    • The ginger wine really hit the spot, had to be drunk like a shot

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Omg this sounds like it was a lot of fun!!!! I would love to shop with bloggers hehehe

  • Stunning place seeing all the food wow :)))))

  • I am so not a shopper, but if I was with a bunch of bloggers and tracking my steps I am pretty sure it would be as much fun as you had!

    • You’re the first person have heard say ‘I am not a shopper’ in 2014 lol i had more fun because i was with fellow bloggers

  • Robin Rue

    That sounds like a fun adventure. And seriously, who doesn’t love to go shopping?

  • Oh my gosh! I would have loved to go to this!

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    Wow — this event looks amazing! How fun to shop in London. You got to see some interesting stores.

    • Oh yes we did, though cold I had so much fun

  • You go to the coolest events! I’d love to visit London one day. My sister was born there and my family lived there for four years before I was born! That’s awesome that you got to see Churchill’s chair <3

    • hahaha thanks Angelic, I must say 2014 has taken me to some pretty cool places. I hope you visit one day